About Cutlerville Fire Department

The Cutlerville Fire Department is a combination full time/ paid on call department. The Department has 6 full-time firefighters and 20 paid on call firefighters. The Department also has a full-time Fire Administrator/Chief who is in charge of both the Cutlerville Fire Department and the Byron Center Fire Department.

The Department is licensed at the EMT Basic Level and responds to a variety of different calls including; fires, medicals, car accidents, car fires, hazardous materials incidents, other miscellaneous fires, distress calls, lock-outs and any other type of call that may warrant their response. The Department also provides mutual aid for the surrounding cities and townships. In addition to emergency and non-emergency responses, the department participates in public education programs, school fire drills, fire prevention programs, car seat checks and business inspections.



Engine 36 is our first engine out on a structure fire or motor vehicle accident. It’s equipped with a variety of extrication tools that are used on vehicle accidents. It has a 800 gallon water tank and 30 gallon foam tank.


Ladder 37 is a 2000 Spartan / Quality aerial used on commercial, industrial and large residential structure fires. It has a 500 gallon water tank, 2,000 gpm pump, a full set of various ground ladders and can reach 105 vertical feet for high rise rescue and fire operations.


Medic 38 is our back up Medical unit which is used if Rescue 39 and Engine 36 are out on another call. This unit is also utilized to transport additional fire personnel to the scene of structure fires.

Medic 38 is equipped with medical supplies, a battery operated extrication tool, and fire investigation gear.


Rescue 39 is a 2015 Danko Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) on a Ford F-550 chassis. It serves as a primary medical response vehicle for the paid on call firefighters. It has numerous tools to assist on accidents and is equipped with 400 gallons of water, a 200 GPM pump and a combination cutter-spreader extrication tool and various other tools.