About Cutlerville FD

Who We Are

The Cutlerville Fire Department is a combination full-time/ paid-on-call department that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Department has 6 full-time firefighters, 4 paid-on-call firefighters, and 1 part-time firefighter. Full-time members currently work 48 hour shifts, with 2 members on duty at the station per shift. The department responds to over 2200 incidents a year. The full-time Fire Chief and Deputy Chief are department heads for both the Cutlerville Fire Department and the Dutton Fire Department.

The Department is licensed at the EMT Basic Level and responds to a variety of different calls including fires, medicals, car accidents, car fires, hazardous materials incidents, other miscellaneous fires, distress calls, lockouts, and any other type of call that may warrant their response. The Department also provides mutual aid for the surrounding cities and townships.

In addition to emergency and non-emergency responses, the department participates in public education programs, school fire drills, fire prevention programs, and business inspections.


The Cutlerville Fire Department responds to a 13.6 square mile area. Which covers areas in Byron and Gaines Township. The area consists of two major highways, industrial complexes, residential homes, condos, apartments, 12 different mobile home communities, and several schools. The area is rapidly growing in both residential and industrial areas. The population of Cutlerville is 27,724 after the latest data collection